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Software Development

  • Developed various static and shared libraries in Linux using C programming language

[LIBMGENERAL] Contains various utility functions, error checking functions and general purpose system programming functions of Linux/Unix

[LIBMNET] Contains various functions for network programming using TCP and UDP protocols, wrapper functions for various TCP/IP socket API with error checking. It can be downloaded from 

[LIBMSOUND] Contains functions for sound programming using OSS (Open Sound System), hiding all the ioctls of OSS API. It can be downloaded from

  • Developed software for “Audio Conferencing in Linux”, using C programming language. It was developed using multicasting and unix socket programming API and it works in LAN. Architectural design of this software can be downloaded from Here. It can be downloaded from


  • Developed an ELF file reader that can read various sections of object files and executables in ELF (Executable Linkable Format)  format.


  • Developed software for controlling mixer settings of soundcard. It was developed in Linux platform using C programming language.     


  • Developed a cross-platform multithreaded Web Server that can work under in LAN and WAN using Java Programming language.


  • Implemented three OSI Layers (Physical, Data Link and Network) with serial cable connecting PCs, using  Java programming Language.


  • Developed a kernel module for dynamic loading and unloading of other kernel modules through proc file system. It was developed on Linux platform using C programming language.


  • Designed & implemented a “4-bit Computer” with LED outputs for 30 micro instructions in a group of five students as part of  Digital System Design Sessional Course.


  • Designed & implemented a 4-bit “Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)” in a   group of five students as part of Digital System Design  Sessional Course.


  • Designed & implemented an 8-bit “Multiplier Circuit” in a  group of five students as part of Digital System Design Sessional Course


  • Designed & Implemented a “MODEM Circuitry” in a group of five students as part of Interfacing Sessional Course



Analyzed the existing system of The Examination Control System of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)” and designed and proposed a project for computerizing the system. It was done in a group of five students as part of Information System Design sessional Course.




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