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My computer skills have been versatile. Here goes it in summarized form:

Operating Systems: Linux (Redhat, Slackware), Windows 98/2000/XP, DOS

Programming Languages/Markups: C/C++ (Linux, Windows), C# (mono platform on Linux), Java, Prolog, Assembly, Tcl, awk, sed, shell, SQL, HTML, XML

Database Management Systems: Mysql (Linux), Oracle (Windows)

Libraries: ACE (Adaptive Communication Environment), STL, C++ libraries from (tuple library, smart_ptr library, thread library, random number generator library, utility library, timer library), GTK, wxWidgets, OpenGL (Linux, windows), pthread (POSIX thread library)

Software Development Process: RUP, XP

OO Tools: UML, Design Patterns

UML Design Tools: Metamill (Linux), Rational Rose, Visio

Compiler Design Tools: Lex, Yacc

Unix Programming Tools: gcc, g++, gdb, Makefile, RCS, CVS, cppunit (unit testing framework), glade UI builder, valgrind (memory checker for C++), lcov (test coverage tool), gprof (program profiler), pkg-config, VMware emulator

IDE: Kdevelop (Linux), Anjuta (Linux), Eclipse (Linux), Visual Studio 6.0

Client/Server Configuration: Apache Web Server, Squid proxy Server, DHCP client/server, iptables, NIS, Samba, Mysql Server

Have very strong familiarity with Linux OS API and done lot of system and network programming on Linux for the past 3 years. Also have good knowledge about Linux Kernel Module programming, TCP/IP socket programming, various types of Linux/Unix IPC (Pipe, FIFO, System V Message Queue, System V Semaphores, System V Shared Memory, Mutexes and Condition Variables, Record Locking, Sun RPC) programming.



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